Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms - Mirmulnir

Mirmulnir comes to Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms

The fiery dragon Mirmulnir has heard the call to arms and made its debut in Modiphius’ Elder Scrolls tabletop RPG.

A foe from the distant past, the ancient Dragon Mirmulnir escaped the wrath of the Blades in the Second Age. It returns to terrorise Whiterun, attacking the Western Watchtower with fire, claws and teeth. Only the actions of The Dragonborn and a small band of Jarl Balgruuf’s guard held it at bay. But Mirmulnir is just the vanguard of the newly resurgent forces of Dragons, and it will not be the last to challenge The Dragonborn.

The new set contains one 32mm scale high-quality multi-part resin miniature with a scenic base, for use with the Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms Core Ruleset.  

As well as Mirmulnir, Modiphius has also released two new scenarios; Rebel Encampment and Blood and Fire, both of which you can download now for free.

Rebel Encampment – The Stormcloaks have created a distraction to lure the Imperials from their camp. When the Imperials return, weary from their toil, the Stormcloaks plan to strike at them in their own encampment!

Blood and Fire – Legends tell of a vast chamber beneath the Druadach Mountains, where a cruel chieftain would throw prisoners into a pit of fire for his own amusement. Centuries later, villagers have started to go missing, dragged away in the night and never heard from again. Rumours have begun to spread that the chieftain has returned, and the peasants beg for a hero to save them from the evil that plagues their lands.

To snag your own great dragon now, head to the Modiphius website.