Loke Battlemats

Loke BattleMats releases Battle Map Board

Loke BattleMats are back and shaking up tabletops with a brand new release – but this time it’s not in book format.

The new Battle Map Board is a fold-out double-sided re writable board for tabletop RPGs, which once set up, creates a 2ft x 2ft play area. The initial design features a dungeon flagstone floor and grassland design, both with a 1-inch grid. As with all Loke releases, the board has a durable laminated surface, which allows the use of any non-permanent marker to add features and buildings.

While physical games might be limited at the moment due to Covid, there’s no harm stocking up to make your next IRL game a stand out one. Loke’s products have become a staple item in any DMs armory. If these boards do well, we’re hoping for some additional scenes – maybe even a snowy one, following the launch of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden?

We’re big fans of Loke’s battlemats here so can’t wait to get our hands on one of these bad boys.

Head over to the Loke Battlemats website now and grab a board (or two, if you’re going for an epic map) now.