Kickstarter: The Wilderness Book of Battle Mats

After the stonking success that was Towns & Taverns, Loke BattleMats are back with their third fantasy modular map book, The Wilderness Book of Battle Mats, available on Kickstarter from February 11.

We’re not shy of saying we’re big fans of Loke’s battle mats, having backed a number of their Kickstarters. This latest set features everything you need to explore the wilds of your fantasy setting. From frozen tundra to arid deserts, through caves, across moorland to stormy coasts & seas, all the essential fantasy biomes are here!

The two books feature modular complimentary maps to allow them to align to create huge maps with many different combinations. Wipe clean and featuring a 1” grid throughout, these maps are durable, beautiful and customisable!

The handy book format allows the maps to be used individually for smaller encounters and tables. The books have 80 map pages, creating scenes up to 2×2 foot, in a book that fits in your bag or on your shelf!

Loke will be creating a set of Wilderness  scenery stickers, durable and reusable static clings, which will add wild features to be added to any laminated map in seconds. A Little Book of Battle Mats – Wilderness Edition will also feature. A perfect book for random wild encounters and for adding perilous areas to existing maps!

Loke are also offering a great value digital only pledge for virtual tabletop play (as well as including the digital maps in every physical pledge level). This pack of 110+ digital maps, 90+ tokens, 5-+ page PDF 5e Adventure and 100+ Page random encounter generator is perfect for online adventuring. Stretch goals will add more digital maps and written content to the Digital Wilderness!

As The Wilderness is the final addition to Loke’s trilogy there are some rather special extras available in the campaign. An immersive double sided DM screen, exclusive oversize wooden D20, Deck of Combat Twist encounter cards and 300+ page book of random encounters are all available in pledge levels and as optional purchases in the Pledge Manager.

To place your pledge and back The Wilderness Book of Battle Mats, head over to Kickstarter now.