Loke Battlemats CyberPunk

Loke Battlemats releases CyberPunk books

Masters of the battlemap, Loke Mattlemats has releases a brand new set of books, perfect for your CyberPunk adventure.

The new books come in two sizes, The A4 Big Book of CyberPunk Battle Mats (RRP £19.99) and A3 The Giant Book of CyberPunk Battle Mats (RRP £32.99).

The books cover a wide range of all the essential encounter areas for CyberPunk, modern day and post-apocalyptic role-playing games. From neon streets and derelict train yards, to subways and corporate offices, the wipe-clean books have it all.

The 360° spine of the books allows you to lie them flat or completely in half. If you have multiple books, you can line them up and make the scenes even bigger.

We’re big fans of Loke’s battlemaps, having backed a number of the Kickstarters in the past, including the Dungeon Books of Battlemats. If you’re playing a game in real life, these books are an absolute must.

The Big Book of CyberPunk BattleMats and Giant Book of CyberPunk BattleMats is available from your local gaming store and Loke Battlemats website from 1 July.