As game developers across the world release free tools to help people battle Corona isolation, Loke Battlemats has joined the fight, has joined the fight, publishing a collection of its own digital RPG maps for free.

Loke Battlemats have quickly become an essential for the DM toolkit, with each of its Kickstarter campaigns smashing all expectations. It’s latest campaign, Towns and Taverns, secured over £225,000 for its 2 adaptive battlemap books.

With people tightening their purse strings due to the current Corona virus pandemic, many tabletop creators are doing wonderful things to ensure people’s games can continue from the comfort of their own home, during times of social distancing.

Loke has released 12, high-quality digital maps for DMs to incorporate into their online games, be it on Roll20 or any other platform. Maps include town streets, evening ruins, a dungeon chasm and a must-have, city tavern.

We have created this FREE bundle of some of our favourite digital maps to help you adventure online. We know we are not alone when we say our regular meet up is now virtual and we want to help the adventures continue for everyone.

We have curated this bundle to cover as many exciting encounter areas as we can and we’ve tried to cover fantasy and sci fi.

Ideal for VTT, these maps will help your adventure go online!

To get your hands on these free maps, head over to Drive Thru RPG now. For more info about Loke Battlemats and to purchase one of its other map books, visit

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